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Wallpaper for Days (and Things to Consider When Choosing It)

After a lengthy break from blogging I’m back.   Last year was extremely busy as we remodeled a retail space in which we opened a design boutique and moved our studio;   Boxwood & Birch @ CSR Interiors.  Posts to follow on that process but in the meantime I am inspired to talk about wallpaper, as I was recently asked my process for selecting it.  It’s not something I had given a lot of thought to as it occurs “organically” when I am pulling options together for a space.

After giving it some thought I am happy to share my wallpaper selection thought process and some images of favorite installs.

The first consideration is always  my client’s style and personality.  This should be a fairly easy,  if you are choosing for yourself, but I will take a second here to expound on this point. I firmly believe that our homes should feel like home and reflect who we are rather than simply house a collection of things that we see in other’s homes or in magazines and catalogs. If you are not working with a designer who has the magical ability to figure you out, take some time to really figure yourself out…I mean your own personal  style preferences and “personality”.

Secondly I consider the function of the space; a powder bath versus   a bedroom for example, as well as other decorative elements in the space.   It is pretty much commonly agreed upon  that a powder bath is THE place for a bold wallpaper choice.  Using a bold, statement making pattern in a powder bath will leave your guests with a lasting impression of your sense of style and, given that you don’t personally spend a lot of time in there, you will not likely grow tired of the bold statement before getting your “money’s worth” out of it.  In contrast, you spend a good deal more time in other spaces such as your bedroom or dining room and wallpaper can very much increase the star power of these spaces too.   Given that a bedroom should be relaxing and inviting; perhaps opt for softer colors and consider grass-cloth for added texture and interest.  A dining room could honestly go either way; bold and dramatic or soft and subtle.   Which leads me to the third consideration….

How DO you want the space to “feel”?  Whimsical and fun or elegant?  Rustic or refined?
There are literally a million wallpapers to choose from.  I mean I don’t know that for certain but you get the point.  Whatever feeling you are trying to evoke, there’s a wallpaper out there to help you do it.

Here are some of our  project install pics in a favorite project, a 1923 historic Tudor style home.  Though the home is historic we infused the fun factor with all of the wallpaper choices.  See more of this home featured in the August issue of Jacksonville Magazine.  Photography is by the talented  Jessie Prezza. (Please contact us if you would like permission to use any of these images. Thank you!)


Guest bath,  Interior Design: CSR Interiors,   Photo credit: Jessie Preza

Children’s bedroom,  Interior Design: CSR Interiors, Photo credit: Jessie Preza

                                                                       Children’s bedroom detail,  Interior Design: CSR Interiors, Photo credit: Jessie Preza

Children’s bathroom, Interior Design: CSR Interiors,  Photo credit: Jessie Preza


Pool Bath,  Interior Design: CSR Interiors, Photo credit:  Jessie Prezza


Switching gears to a more serene and elegant vibe; the following is a beautiful grass-cloth install in a bedroom designed by our friend Rachel over at RCL Interiors and photographed by Jessie Preza.  The lavender grass-cloth envelopes the space giving it an ethereal feel.  It is gorgeous and we are inspired.

Interior Design by RCL Interiors,  Image courtesy of RCL Interiors, Photography by Jessie Preza



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