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August 3, 2019
by admin
Comments Off on Wallpaper for Days (and Things to Consider When Choosing It)

Wallpaper for Days (and Things to Consider When Choosing It)

After a lengthy break from blogging I’m back.   Last year was extremely busy as we remodeled a retail space in which we opened a design boutique and moved our studio;   Boxwood & Birch @ CSR Interiors.  Posts to follow on that process but in the meantime I am inspired to talk about wallpaper, as I was recently asked my process for selecting it.  It’s not something I had given a lot of thought to as it occurs “organically” when I am pulling options together for a space.

After giving it some thought I am happy to share my wallpaper selection thought process and some images of favorite installs.

The first consideration is always  my client’s style and personality.  This should be a fairly easy,  if you are choosing for yourself, but I will take a second here to expound on this point. I firmly believe that our homes should feel like home and reflect who we are rather than simply house a collection of things that we see in other’s homes or in magazines and catalogs. If you are not working with a designer who has the magical ability to figure you out, take some time to really figure yourself out…I mean your own personal  style preferences and “personality”.

Secondly I consider the function of the space; a powder bath versus   a bedroom for example, as well as other decorative elements in the space.   It is pretty much commonly agreed upon  that a powder bath is THE place for a bold wallpaper choice.  Using a bold, statement making pattern in a powder bath will leave your guests with a lasting impression of your sense of style and, given that you don’t personally spend a lot of time in there, you will not likely grow tired of the bold statement before getting your “money’s worth” out of it.  In contrast, you spend a good deal more time in other spaces such as your bedroom or dining room and wallpaper can very much increase the star power of these spaces too.   Given that a bedroom should be relaxing and inviting; perhaps opt for softer colors and consider grass-cloth for added texture and interest.  A dining room could honestly go either way; bold and dramatic or soft and subtle.   Which leads me to the third consideration….

How DO you want the space to “feel”?  Whimsical and fun or elegant?  Rustic or refined?
There are literally a million wallpapers to choose from.  I mean I don’t know that for certain but you get the point.  Whatever feeling you are trying to evoke, there’s a wallpaper out there to help you do it.

Here are some of our  project install pics in a favorite project, a 1923 historic Tudor style home.  Though the home is historic we infused the fun factor with all of the wallpaper choices.  See more of this home featured in the August issue of Jacksonville Magazine.  Photography is by the talented  Jessie Prezza. (Please contact us if you would like permission to use any of these images. Thank you!)


Guest bath,  Interior Design: CSR Interiors,   Photo credit: Jessie Preza

Children’s bedroom,  Interior Design: CSR Interiors, Photo credit: Jessie Preza

                                                                       Children’s bedroom detail,  Interior Design: CSR Interiors, Photo credit: Jessie Preza

Children’s bathroom, Interior Design: CSR Interiors,  Photo credit: Jessie Preza


Pool Bath,  Interior Design: CSR Interiors, Photo credit:  Jessie Prezza


Switching gears to a more serene and elegant vibe; the following is a beautiful grass-cloth install in a bedroom designed by our friend Rachel over at RCL Interiors and photographed by Jessie Preza.  The lavender grass-cloth envelopes the space giving it an ethereal feel.  It is gorgeous and we are inspired.

Interior Design by RCL Interiors,  Image courtesy of RCL Interiors, Photography by Jessie Preza



March 19, 2016
by admin

Design Bloggers Conference Recap

Last week I attended the Design Blogger’s Conference in Atlanta.   This was the sixth annual conference,  but a first for me.  Esteem Media CEO, Adam Japko, did a fabulous job putting this event together and attendees (all 400!) enjoyed two and a half days full of learning, networking and fun; with inspiring and interesting guest speakers, a trade show, after parties and lunch at showrooms and even a mid afternoon wine tasting!  I left with my head swimming with new and useful information on everything from improving my writing and photo taking skills to best practices for monitoring stats and increasing reach, to collaborating with brands. That said, my biggest take-a-way is that blogging is a LOT of work and could easily be a full time job!  (I have a new, and great, respect, for bloggers who post daily and have a massive following). So, given that my full time job is running my  interior design business I have to balance my love of blogging,  and my desire to do so, with the realities of my time constraints and busy schedule.  Much like the guilty pleasure of taking the time to read a good novel, finding the time to blog has felt a bit like a luxury I have not been making time for.  That said, I have decided that the main direction and purpose for my blog will be to chronicle my design process, on my projects, and share the intricacies of my design decisions along the way.  I will share inspiration, drawings, fabric choices and thoughts and reasoning behind the decisions made and  in doing so I hope to shed light on the design process (my process) and inspire design junkies and diy’ers as they strive to improve their own lives through design.   This focus on my projects will keep me engaged with , and in a sense “working” on, them – even when I am blogging, thus allowing me to blog “guilt free”!  At least that’s the goal!  But before we get to all that, I’d like to share some moments from the conference….


An interview with Cynthia Rowely!


A few favorites from the Ferguson showroom at The Shops Buckhead,

where we attended an “after party”.

(note: brass everywhere)

The Shops Buckhead at night.


Guest speaker India Hicks!!


Perks for bloggers from Phipps Plaza merchants (so nice of them)…


Here’s me meeting Nathan Turner from Million Dollar Decorators

( which is no longer on the air – bummer)

He was not only inspiring but hilarious!

dbc nathan turnerdbc nathan turner 2


Mid afternoon wine tasting and a good magazine.  It’s always 5:00 somewhere.


Major  highlight!  Met Mary McDonald (also of Million Dollar Decorator fame)

at Phipps Plaza where she spoke about her projects and her amazing thought process on her projects!

She was not only interesting, inspiring and funny, she was very, very nice.


A beautiful kitchen display at Phipps…



After the conference ended on Tuesday we had some time to explore more of

The Shops Buckhead.  Next  are from the five story Restoration Hardware

store directly across from the “Shops”. It was like walking through the catalog.

I love their baby and child stuff best of all.


Here’s the view of downtown Atlanta from the roof of Restoration.

dbc rest hdware


After Restoration and more Shops Buckhead, we had a nice salad

at Le Bilboquet where these pretty flowers graced our table.






January 7, 2016
by admin

New Year New Inspiration

It seems every where I turn, this time of year,  I see articles on getting organized.  I suppose, along with making resolutions, it’s a “New Year” thing to do.  Setting goals, making resolutions and getting organized are valued, and critical to our success, but I find the start of a new year to also be inspirational.  There is just something energizing each year about the concept of the calendar starting over.  I am inspired by the notion(s) of re-setting, a fresh start, a clean slate.  That said, when it comes to my work as in interior designer I am constantly inspired and looking for inspiration.  Each new project is a fresh start and a clean slate and I am initially inspired by my clients and their vision for how they want to live.  As I dig deeper in getting to know them I seek inspiration for concepts and color schemes in art, rugs, textiles, travel, nature and any number of other things, that may be important to them.  Inspiration is all around us and right there for you if you keep your eyes and mind open. Following are a few of my personal favorite inspirational images….of the moment.

blog schumacher chair

 I’m slightly obsessed with this  nature inspired Schumacher Citrus Garden fabric at the moment.

A color scheme could go in many directions with this as a starting point!

blog inspire rug


Pictured above are fabrics and a fabulous rug from a recently completed (CSR Interiors) project. In this case we started with the fabric.

  The various shades of blue all play perfectly together and the neutrals in the rug are spot on with those in our fabrics.

But its the warm amber that appears in both the Harlequin Boheme fabric and the rug, that really made this combo come together.

blog ellie saab

I am a fool for a gorgeous gown and these Elie Saab ones are no exception. He (Elie) was apparently not only inspired

by nature but by interior architectural details! Notice the faux wall panels at the bottom of the green gown, which mimic the wall

behind the model… I would love to see the rest of that room!

blog inspire savannah

This moody draped corner makes me want to hop a plane

to Paris or infuse a bit of that into my style/life.

I snapped this  while visiting The Paris Market in Savannah, Georgia.

This little shop is chock full of beautiful and inspirational goodies but it was this vignette of

drapery and simple counter stools that caught my eye.  It  had been raining and suddenly at the perfect

moment, the sun came out, casting those lovely shadows.   So charming!

blog inspire john bunker

 John Bunker is an extremely talented local artist and his

 “Branch Blossom Memory” Quadrant is one of my favorites, of his work.

This would be a beautiful centerpiece and color inspiration for a space.

November 11, 2015
by admin

Ease into fall with fashion inspired elements for your home…

Although it certainly does not feel like fall, for those of us in Florida, I still can’t help but think of camel coats, chunky knit sweaters and hot mugs of cocoa.  But ‘camel” is not just for coats and chunky knits are not just for sweaters.    Look to these classic fall fashions for home decor inspiration….

blog fall post camel coat

      I love the details on this   Thorne Coat

fall blog post thibaut

This cozy little corner is enhanced with a tufted slipper chair in a camel colored fabric.

Notice the contrast of the dark leg and how the camel plays so well with the blue drapery and damask wallpaper from Thibaut.

 A cocoa and camel inspired space, fit for a gentlemen,  by designer Diane Bergeron

blog post fall

        Riona hand knit cardigan on etsy

blog post fall ugg pillow

UGG Austrailia Oversize Knit Pillow


Don’t be afraid to add a little {or a lot} of animal print; its always in style.


November 6, 2015
by admin

{Savannah} Georgia on My Mind

October was a very busy month including a quick B-day trip to Savannah (to celebrate my husband), a four day trip to Highpoint Market and a”glamping retreat”, at a dude ranch, with the MOMS group at my church.  Following are a few favorite pics from the Savannah trip….

Iphone 5 pics 2416

        I LOVE The Paris Market and we always stop by to see what’s new.

It had been raining off and on but I caught the shot above as the sun came through the draperies.

I was captivated by the moody vibe enhanced by the shadows cast by the bar stools,

 the exceptionally tall, dark drapery and that awesome chandelier.

blog savannah

The displays at The Paris Market are so pretty.  Toca Cleopatra is one of my favorite fragrances; in part because of the beautiful bottles.

I couldn’t resit the trough full of French soaps and snagged a lavender one,  but did manage to leave with only a picture of the leather bags.

blog savannah 2

Regardless of how many times we go to Savannah, we always find new places to eat and this time was no exception!

 The Public Kitchen  is a new favorite for a quick snack (or full meal) and (adult) beverage.

 And we had a fabulous lunch at Chive on Broughton.

(Those cute leafy pendants are from The Paris Market)

blog savannah 3

View from our room at River Street Inn and me in my comfy

touring outfit featuring the  Coach Turnlock Crossbody Bag.

Iphone 5 pics 2434

Birthday dessert at Vics on the River